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April 11th, 2011

Interesting, the response I got from the last post. I thought no one was reading these posts, judging from the amazing number of comments I’ve been getting. I’ve been basically writing these things for myself, one hand clapping, so to speak.

I’ve never been one for politics. If I had wanted to play politics, I would’ve stayed on as a law major in NZ (and I think I would’ve made a pretty good lawyer and made a lot more money too). I didn’t become a guitar player to play politics. That’s why I stay out of the guitar mainstream, much too much politicking going on. But what I saw last week, I had to make public.

When I wrote the post, I knew I wouldn’t be making many new friends with it, but it was clear to me that the people organizing these competitions must be put on notice — that people invest time and money to participate in these things and the least they can do is to make it as fair as possible.

And frankly, what’s wrong with asking people to recuse themselves? Conflicts of interests occur all the time, and real judges routinely recuse themselves when they know they are too close to a case to be impartial. When people recuse themselves, it removes any perception of bias, and that’s a good thing. People will be able to accept any decision if they know there’s no bias or conflict of interest involved.

Differences of opinion arise all the time too, that’s what makes this world such a wonderful place to live in. But there’s a difference between genuine differences of opinion and plain old bias. As the old Chinese saying goes, I’ve eaten more salt than some people have eaten rice, and I think I know the difference when I see it.

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