August 2nd, 2011

When I first started out to write the book in 2003, I envisioned a simple manual, listing the key principles of virtuosity.

As I’ve written on this blog, principles are everything.

If you know the principles, you can create any technique you want.

But if you focus too much on details, on ‘method,’ you get stuck with rigid dogmatic ideas that put you into a box and eventually hinder your growth.

Over the years, my focus for the book shifted a few times, each time manifesting itself in a different approach. All this time, however, the principles, the core of the book remained unchanged.

But last year, just as I was about to go to press, I decided I would go back to my original format.

And that’s what I’ve done these past few months, completely reworked the book to make it reflect my original vision.

For a limited time only, I’m offering the pdf_only ebook at a special rate of $5. After August 31, it will revert back to $8 for the pdf only.

And I’m extending the 30 day money back guarantee to 60 days (the maximum period for payal refunds). If you do not find the book useful in any way, I’ll be happy to refund your full purchase price.

The price of $20 for the pdf + hard copy (when it’s published) still stands.

Check it out here:

If you’ve already purchased the AOV, you can download the new version here:

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