Itís not easy to be a guitarist these days. Good guitar players are a dime a dozen. Just check out youtube and youíll see what I mean.

So how do you make an impact? How do you stand out from the crowd?

You become extraordinary.

And thatís the subject of my latest book, ďHow to be Extraordinary.Ē

The book is drawn on my experiences in the trenches and learned from the greats. Itís guided me in my own career, both in my programming and in my CDs.

If youíre an up-and-coming artist, the book is especially relevant to you. Because it explains the processes you need to go through, to get noticed in an increasing crowded field.

If you already own an earlier version of the AOV, you might recognize the title from a chapter in those earlier versions. The book expands on the ideas in that chapter.

As usual, the 60 day guarantee applies. If you donít think youíve learned anything from the book, let me know within 60 days and Iíll issue you a full refund.

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