The tremolo is not an easy technique.

Think about it.

First, you have to play up to ten notes per second (thatís four 32nds at 152).

And you have to do it with four fingers, all of different sizes, shapes, and strengths.

And youíre expected to play them in a smooth sequence, making them all sound the same, ten times per second.

Quite a tall order.

Thatís why Iíve never had much faith in conventional approaches to the tremolo. Because they underestimate the level of difficulty involved.

And thatís why I had to come up with my own solutions.

Practicing the Tremolo is a compilation of the different strategies I came up with over the years.

I have taught them to students with much success and I believe it is time to share the information with a wider audience.

But be forewarned, some of the approaches in the book are unconventional.

If youíre not into new and radically different ideas, this book is not for you.

But I am confident the method will work for you and am extending my usual 60-day money-back guarantee to 2 years.

If you practice the techniques in the book consistently, and do not see any marked improvement in your tremolo within 2 years, I will be happy to refund you the full purchase price of the book less Paypal fees.

Why two years?

Thatís about how much time it will take to see results.

Of course, actual results will vary in individual cases. Some of my students took less than a year to master the technique.

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