1st Del Mar Summer Guitar Camp

May 27th, 2019

This year is a first. We will be hosting the 1st Del Mar Summer Guitar Camp. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but other commitments had prevented me from doing it before.

The camp is more appropriately described as a boot camp with the emphasis on developing technique and sight reading.

There’re three areas of technique that we will be focusing on.

The first area is developing free-stroke technique. The basic strategy is to help students find the most natural right hand position (or left hand position if the student is left handed) for themselves and develop an efficient free-stroke technique through a regimen of exercises.

The second area is developing tremolo technique. The tremolo is an important technique to help players learn how to produce an even consistent sound. Students will practice a series of exercises to develop the muscle memory required to achieve a consistent tone.

The third area is developing rest-stroke scale technique. An efficient rest-stroke technique is based on a good free-stroke technique. The student will be taught how to transition from the free-stroke to the rest-stroke.

Since the camp is over the course of three days, each morning is devoted to a specific area.

In the afternoon, students will be divided into small ensembles where the emphasis is on sight-reading. Sight-reading is a skill and students will learn the strategies and techniques needed in sight reading.

During the camp, I will be sharing a special cheat-sheet of guitar tricks and techniques.

For me, playing the guitar well has always meant two things.

First, a persistent results-driven never-give-up approach, based on practice—hours of practice. There is no substitute for doing it over and over to master something.

Second, knowledge of specific skills to achieve specific techniques.

This is where the cheat sheet comes in. How do you develop speed effortlessly? How do you develop power and dynamic range without having to force the fingers? How do you get an even tremolo by positioning your fingers so all the fingers have equal access to the strings? All these are in the cheat sheet.

The camp will take place from June 18-20, 2019 and is designed specially for students from the Corpus Christi Independent School District. We have an incredible guitar scene in the city and the camp will make it even more special.

Del Mar/CCISD Guitar Orchestra

Del Mar/CCISD Guitar Orchestra with guest conductor Mr. Paul Fuentes

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