The central principle /7

November 15th, 2019

In applying the central principle, it’s important not to fall into the trap of oversimplifications.

Like most things in the universe, the principle does not operate alone.

It’s the main energy source but in the actual plucking, several other factors are at play.

For example, the rebounding action to reposition the finger after it plucks the string, and the small movements at the fingertips to ensure accuracy and precision.

That’s why before you can apply the principle, you would still need to develop the basic techniques.

Consider the martial artist’s punch.

First, you’ll have to develop skill and accuracy in landing a punch before you can begin to incorporate the rest of the body into the punch.

In other words, you focus first on developing mobility and accuracy at the points of action (on the guitar, this would be right at the fingertips where the plucking action is taking place) and then you incorporate the hand into the action.

A key principle in the AOV is economy.

Quite a few people have asked me, but how do you play loud if your finger movements are so small?

The central principle explains this.

By utilizing the power of the hand, you’ll be able to produce and generate all the power you need to play loud, as evidenced by the players who utilize this technique, especially Segovia.

Watch his fingers when he plays, they seem to be hardly moving and yet he was able to play in large concert halls all over the world without any need for amplification.

How did he produce all that power?

Surely not with his fingers alone.

It is my belief that the power behind his playing lies in the hand and in his application of the central principle.

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