Letting nature do your playing for you (2)

September 19th, 2010

Nature is complex. There’s always more than one way to interpret its workings.

In my last post, I described how you can get nature to work for you by harnessing the power released in each stroke to create a self-propelled automated engine in your fingers.

Another way to think of it is through anticipation.

If you read the AOV, you’ll see that one of the key components of virtuosity is fluidity. Anticipation is central to that concept.

To create a self-propelled chain of actions, anticipate each action. Let one action drive the next one forward. Even as you finish one action, start moving to the next. Even as you pluck one finger, the next finger is already ready to strike.

Think of the pistons in an engine. When one goes down, the other goes up. This creates an endless loop of alternating actions, each one driven by the other.

The technique of making the fingers work together in tandem is crucial in two-finger scales.

When you play scales, don’t try to increase speed by trying to move the fingers faster. That’s too effortful and inefficient. Instead, use anticipation to drive the fingers forward. As one finger strikes, use the momentum in that stroke to drive the next one forward

It’ll create an incredible sense of forward drive and motion. You feel as if you’re being constantly pushed forward by some internal force. And the best part is, it’ll all feel effortless.

That’s letting nature do your playing for you. You don’t have to do much, just initiate the movements and let the fingers play themselves.

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