The Art of Virtuosity

Imagine if there’s a book that tells you how to achieve virtuosity.

A book that shows you how to achieve effortless speed, power and precision, and does it in a simple practical way.

That was what I dreamed about when I was young.

I dreamed of finding just such a book, a book that would tell me the secrets of virtuosity and show me how to develop a fast and effortless technique on the guitar.

But no such book existed.

And I was left to my own devices, to find my own solutions.

Over the years, my search has led me to a few basic principles, principles which are vital for virtuosity to occur.

These are the principles contained in the Art of Virtuosity.

The AOV is a simple book.

It presents the foundations of virtuosity in six basic principles and shows you how to apply them to achieve effortless speed, power and precision.

This is not a theoretical or scientific book.

It’s an eminently practical book, based on a lifetime of playing the classical guitar.

I guarantee that if you follow the principles in the book and absorb them into what you do, that you will achieve virtuosity in whatever you set your heart upon.

And if for whatever reason, you find that it did not work for you, I’ll be happy to refund 100 percent of what you paid within 60 days (that’s the maximum time allowed by paypal for a full refund.)

The AOV has received praise from professionals and players alike. Here’re some of their comments:

“Bravo! What an incredible gift you have given to the world! Your virtuosity as a musician, it seems to me, must be matched by your abilities as a communicator and teacher.”

Miguel de Maria, Phoenix, AZ

“The Art of Virtuosity is very freeing. It’s as if you want to liberate our instincts. It’s ironic that so many rules started out as some artist following his/her instincts with such success that their personal approach became a rigid guide. We miss the point that it was their instincts, not rigid thinking, that got the result. Nice work.”

Tony Grieco, Albany, NY

“The book’s great…thank you! I am convinced that, had your book been available to me when I first picked up our instrument, I would now be a guitarist of some calibre. Many thanks for writing this book. You have bolstered my resolve to become the musician I believe I can be.”

Stephen Hopper, London, England

The Art of Virtuosity is not a guitar technique book. I have written a second book that is devoted specifically to the classical guitar. Please click on this link to read more.

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