Letting nature do your work for you

September 17th, 2010

One of the secrets to effortlessness is to let nature do your work for you. Like using gravity to propel your actions, or the wind to drive your sail.

I heard about a region in China where all the bees have disappeared. Probably the pesticides got them. But what about all those fruit trees that needed pollinating? Without bees, the farmers had to collect the pollen and using a feather duster, hand pollinate the fruits themselves.

Now that’s effortful. How many fruits are there in a tree? How many trees in the orchard? And to pollinate them one by one by hand — that’s the very definition of menial and tedious work.

There’re a lot of roaches in Texas. Yes, I’ve seen them in other places before, the only thing is that in Texas, they’re super-sized, like everything else in the state. I used to call the exterminators and they would come and spray and the roaches would be gone, but then they’ll be back again after a few weeks, as if they were never gone.

The only viable option I found at control is to take away the one thing that’s attracting them to the house – food. Clean the countertops and dishes at night, make sure there’s no food lying around and they wouldn’t be so many of them running around the house at night. Instead of trying to exterminate them by force, create the conditions for them not to come.

That’s the secret of effortlessness – create good favorable conditions and let nature do the rest.

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