How to apply the AOV2/Technique vs. principles

December 6th, 2010

I mentioned in an earlier post that the AOV is about fundamentals, not techniques.

What’s the difference?

Techniques are the physical manifestations of fundamentals.

Think of building cars.

If you’re going to build a car, the technique would be the actual design of the car, and the principles, the considerations that drive that design, such as aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, etc.

Yes, you can come up with any design you want, but unless it follows the same basic principles of good car design – aerodynamics, efficiency etc – it probably won’t run very well.

The same is true of guitar playing or anything else we do, you can come up with the latest trends, innovate all kinds of new approaches, but if they go against the basic principles of economy and efficacy, they won’t be very effective.

And that’s what the principles in the AOV are about.

They’re the basic fundamentals that drive everything we do.

Use them to evaluate the efficacy of new techniques. Apply them to make sure that you optimize the use of your resources. And constantly monitor your body to make sure you do not forget them as you strive to develop your capabilities to the max.

2 Responses to “How to apply the AOV2/Technique vs. principles”

  1. William Bajzek Says:

    Good thoughts!

    I’ve grown really weary of the bitter arguing on guitar forums about the One True Right Way To Do Things. Sometimes they are arguing endlessly about subjective differences in technique so minuscule that may not even objectively exist. Usually, they ignore that the Absolutely Wrong Way To Do Things has also produced its fair share of extraordinary virtuosos.

    A teacher can try to describe everything about the exact feeling of doing something perfectly, but there are so many ways that the perfect words for one mind might lead another astray.

    In the end, like you say, whether or not these things will work for the individual is a matter of how they are put into action. The only way to be sure of success is by observing the result.

  2. Philip Hii Says:

    Yes, I’ve read those arguments and that’s why I stay clear of those forums. If winning arguments can make you into a good player, I guess we have a lot of virtuosos online. But as you say, it’s all in the results. All those arguments mean absolutely nothing if you can’t play.

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