Study in e minor by Mauro Giuliani

July 2nd, 2012

One of the most beautiful studies written for the guitar is Giuliani’s Study in e minor, Op 48, No. 5.

The piece employs a simple arpeggio pattern (p i m a m i) with a beautiful melody embedded in it.

The melody holds the key to the tempo of the piece. I usually recommend playing the piece without the arpeggios first, to get a sense of the melody, and then add the arpeggios later.

The arpeggios should be seen as just an embellishment of the chords, an attempt to simulate an orchestral string tremolando. Sor wrote about this special effect in his method.

The study is one of five that I recommend in the AOV for Guitar as essential practice for the right hand.

Here’s a video of the study:

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