The new “How to be Extraordinary”

February 26th, 2013

I wrote “How to be extraordinary” two years ago.

The book is based on the three principles that have defined my life and career – do something no one has done, do it in a way that no one has done before, and sing your heart out.

After I wrote the book, I decided I would rewrite the book and place it in a more general setting, the original being overly guitaristic in tone.

The result is the new “How to be Extraordinary.”

(The first book is now retitled “How to be Extraordinary – for Classical Guitarists.”)

Like my other books, the new book is brief – 38 pages short – and to the point. No made-up anecdotes, just the bare essential points.

But why extraordinary?

As I wrote in the blurb for the earlier book, it’s hard to be noticed these days.

With over seven billion people on the planet, you’ll have to be extremely exceptional and special to stand out and be noticed.

This book offers simple strategies (or life principles) to separate yourself from the crowd, come up with your own vision of where you want to go and do it in an extraordinary way.

To read more about the new “How to be Extraordinary,” please follow this link:

As usual, the 60 day money back guarantee applies to this book.

If you find that you have learned nothing from the book, let me know and I’ll be happy to refund  the $8.

For a limited time, I’m offering a special bonus.

If you purchase the new “How to be Extraordinary” before March 31, 2013, I’ll bundle “How to be Extraordinary – for Classical Guitarists” with this book – two books for the price of one. You will receive your download link for HTBEgtr after the purchase.

And if you have already bought “How to be Extraordinary – for Classical Guitarists,” you can download the new book free using your old password here:

To purchase the new “How to be Extraordinary,” please follow this link:

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