Energy—the inner dimension of virtuosity

March 4th, 2018

My journey into virtuosity started with a preoccupation with its physical aspects, or what we might call the outer layer of virtuosity.

Looseness, lightness, fluidity—all these describe the physical dimensions of virtuosity.

But like many things in life, my journey soon took me into the inner layer.

When I realized that there’s something that’s more, something behind the physical attributes.

An energy, or the life force of virtuosity.

And I realized that the element of energy is at the heart of virtuosity.

It is what produces the speed, the life, the power of virtuosity.

And because this energy is so alive, it is what fills your actions and playing with movement and nuances and shadings.

And then I wondered why the realization had not come sooner.

Because I’ve always been more drawn to the inner aspect of technique than the outer.

I’ve always been more preoccupied with how to produce energy in my playing than in making pretty sounds.

It’s why I’ve never been impressed or drawn to pretty players. And why I’d been so influenced by players who exude energy and power and life.

Players like John Williams, Paco de Lucia, Yamashita.

Because energy is what makes the playing come alive.

It has taken me a number of years to collect my thoughts and write the new chapter for the AOV, the missing chapter which is actually the most integral to the book.

You can read the new chapter here.


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