Old notes 3

May 12th, 2021

Early notes for the AOV.


To accomplish your objectives, apply 7 movement principles and 6 strategies:

First, establish a strong and stable foundation to operate in.

Next, develop a light and relaxed technique based on three principles of soft body, light touch, and tension-release.

Control your movements with a light rhythmic pulse.

Move smoothly and fluidly.

Automate your actions so you can perform unconsciously.

6 Strategies:

Simplicity: Reduce things down to simplest elements.

Naturalness: Work with your body. Do not fight or stifle it with rules and artificiality.

Accommodate and minimize conflicts.

Leverage: Generate power and speed from your interactions.

Emotion: Drive your actions forward with focus.

Spontaneity: Respond quickly to every exigency with finesse (otherwise known as winging it).


—June 2, 2003

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