Old notes 5

May 14th, 2021

The Seeker


Driven by a certain restlessness and a need for fulfillment.

Lives to perfect his art.

No distinction between work or play—work is play and play is work.

Not concerned with ‘correctness’ or ‘wrongness.’ There are only easier and harder ways to do a task, and easier is usually better.

Sees no horizon, only the road ahead.

Needs no approval.

Speaks no evil, no accolades.

A doer, not a bystander.

Does not own a hundred tools; owns only one and knows it intimately.

Keeps an open heart.

Trusts intuition, understanding the subconscious mind is far wiser than the conscious mind.

Sees the limits of possibilities but also knows that great things happen on the edge.

Uninhibited—his way is the way of spontaneous abandon.

Does not live for the moment—how can you live in the moment when it is over the instant it arrives?

Instead, lives for the next moment, always ready for the next wave.

Moving to an inner rhythm—each motion, each gesture tethered to an internal pulse.

In a life of constant forward motion.


—Jan 5, 2007

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