Old notes 7

May 22nd, 2021



All learning is a journey from a state of unknowing to a state of knowing.

You move from one state to the other in a breakthrough moment.

In that instant, you gain a flash of insight into your task.

Everything becomes clear to you.

You know exactly how to effect your desired results.

Once you experience the breakthrough moment, you enter into a world of unlimited possibilities.

Your actions flow from one step to the next in a smooth seamless flow.

Whereas previously you had to think about every move you made, now they occur spontaneously and without conscious effort.

Whereas previously your mind was filled with anxiety about your task, now you move with confidence and clarity.

Your confidence enables you to navigate your way through the most complex tasks with effortless control.

You’re able to achieve any speed.

Generate any power you need.

Hit any target you want.


—Oct. 27, 2009

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