Old notes 11

September 24th, 2021

To perform (and to live) is to exist in a state of constant flux.

This has certain repercussions:

Change. Brings newness. Be flexible and open to new possibilities. Do not hold on to the present wave; let it go so you can catch the next.

Unpredictability. Means continual surprises. Accept them and be prepared to improvise, all part of the general messiness of life.

Complexity. If your task has a high degree of complexity, simplify, reduce it to its basic elements, and internalize them.

Growth. In a dynamic world, there are only three states of being—you can grow, stay the same, or die. Growing seems to be the preferable option.

Volatility. Maintain your equilibrium in a world of constant flux. Continually make small adjustments to preserve your balance.

Mobility. To remain lean and agile, eliminate extra baggage. Keep only what you need and throw away the rest.

Timing. Pace and control your actions by underpinning them to a rhythmic pulse. Rhythm is the organizing principle which gives structure to time. It is the ultimate control mechanism.


—January 9, 2006

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